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Ashnola River (BC) IV
Astoria River (AB) - Lower Section IV
Astoria River (AB) - Upper Section IV-V
Athabasca River (AB) - Mile 5 II
Athabasca River (AB) - Falls Run II
Barrier Lake
Bath Creek (AB) II
Beauty Creek (AB) V
Big Mountain Creek (AB) II+
Bighorn River (AB) IV
Bow River (AB) - Calgary I
Bow River (AB) - Harvie Passage III+
Bow River (AB) - Below Seebe Dam III - IV
Bow River (AB) - Ghost Dam to Cochrane I
Bow River (AB) - HWY93N Upper Section III
Bow River (AB) - Canmore to Highway Bridge I
Brazeau River (AB) - Smallboy Camp to Ford III
Brazeau River <Alberta, Class3/4>
Bridge River (BC) IV
Bull River (BC) III
Cameron River (BC-VanIsland) IV
Cameron Creek (AB) V
Canoe River (BC) - Gauge to Old Bridge III
Canoe River (BC) - Old bridge to Hwy 5 IV
Carbondale River, Five Alive (needs work), Alberta, Class IV
Cascade River (AB) III
Castle River (AB) - Canyon III
Castle River (AB) - Castle Falls to Rodeo Ground II
Cataract Creek (AB) IV
Chilliwack River (BC) - Canyon IV
Chilliwack River (BC) - Slesse to Tamihi III
Clearwater River (BC) - Above the Kettle III
Clearwater River (BC) - Clearwater Lake to Bailey's Chute IV
Clearwater River (BC) - Sabertooth IV
Clearwater River (BC) - Play Run III
Cowichan River - Marie Canyon (BC-VanIsland) III (IV-)
Crownest River (AB) - Lundbreck Falls to Twp Rd 74 II/III
Crowsnest River (AB) - Twp Rd 74 to Resevoir II
Dore River (BC) IV
Dore River (BC) - South Fork IV
Elbow River (AB) - Allen Bill to Bragg Creek II
Elbow River (AB) - Boat Launch to Paddy's Flats II
Elbow River (AB) - Falls to Boat Launch IV
Elk River (BC) - Canyon AKA Middle Elk IV
Elk River (BC) - The Cataracts V
Elk River (BC) - Lower III
Fiddle River (AB) - Upper III
Findlay Creek (BC) - Lower V
Flatbed Creek (BC) III (IV)
Fraser River (BC) - Canyon V
Fraser River (BC) - Float I
Fraser River (BC) - Raft Run III
Fraser River (BC) - Railroad Y to Pipeline Gate (Upper Upper) III
Fraser River (BC) - Pipeline Gate to Overlander (Upper) IV
Ghost River (AB) - Waiparous to Benchlands II
Glenmore Reservoir
Highwood River (AB) - Aldersyde I
Highwood River (AB) - Group Campground to Greenford III
Highwood River (AB) - Greenford to Ings Creek IV
Highwood River (AB) - Ing's Creek to Longview II
Holmes River (BC) III/IV
Horsethief Creek (BC) IV
Illecillewaet (BC) - Box Canyon IV
Johnston's Canyon (AB) V
Jordan River (BC) IV+
Kakwa River (AB) IV
Kananaskis River (AB) - Lower Section I
Kananaskis River (AB) - Upper Section II+
Kickinghorse River (BC)- Middle IV
Kickinghorse River (BC) - Upper III
Kickinghorse River (BC) - Lower Canyon IV
Kiskatinaw River (BC) IV
Livingstone River (AB) III
Lobstick River (AB) II+
Maligne River (AB) - Canyon Section IV
Maligne River (AB) - 5th to 6th Bridge II
McLeod River (AB) - Above Whitehorse Creek IV-V
Miette River (AB) - Upper II
Miette River (AB) - Lower I
Milk River (AB) - Townsite to Writing on Stone PP II
Mistaya River (AB) - Canyon III+
Mistaya River (AB) - Upper III
Muskeg River (AB) III
Nahatlatch (BC) IV
North Drywood (AB) IV
North Saskatchewan (AB) - Blue Bridge to Brierlies II
North Saskatchewan (AB) - Nordegg to Rocky II
River Alerts
River Alerts
Oldman River (AB) - Upper III
Ottertail River (BC) III
Panther River (AB) II
Pipestone River (AB) IV
Quarry Lake
Ram River (AB) - South Ram IV
Red Deer River -- Mad Mile --II-III
Red Deer River (AB) - Red Deer to Drumheller I
Red Deer River (AB) - Mountain Aire to Cache Hill III
Redearth Creek (AB) V
Revelstoke Lake
Sheep Creek (AB) IV
Sheep River (AB) - Gorge Creek to Sandy McNabb II
Sheep River (AB) - Bluerock to Gorge Creek IV
Skookumchuck Creek (BC) IV
Slave River (AB) III-V
Snake Indian River (AB) III
Sooke River, (BC-VanIsland) I
South Drywood (AB) V
Spillimacheen River (BC) V
Spionkop Creek (AB) V
Spray River(AB) - Above Spray Lakes IV
St. Mary (AB) - Lower III
St. Marys (AB) - Upper II
Sulphur River (AB) III
Sunwapta River (AB) - Raft Put-in to Above the Falls III
Toby Creek (BC) - 7 Canyons V
Toby Creek (BC) - Panorama to Rafters Takeout III
Upper Kananaskis Lake <Alberta>
Upper Redwillow River (AB) II
Upper Upper Red Deer River (Skoki Valley)
Vermilion River - Numa Falls to Floe Creek III
Waiparous Creek (AB) II
Waterton Lake <Insert province and class in title if applicable>
Whirlpool River (AB) - Upper Section IV
Whirpool River (AB) - Corral to S-bend II
White River (BC) - Camping to Bridge III
Wigwam River (BC) III+
Willow Creek (AB) - Range Road 301 to Range Road 135 II
Wolverine River (BC) II (III)
Yoho (BC) V

River Alerts

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