Wolverine River (BC) II (III)

The put in is on the Bullmoose Creek near the confluence with the Wolverine River. The run is a playful class II run with one class III. In high water it will turn to be more of a class III run through the lower section. This is a great next step river due to it's short and non-committing nature.

The run starts off with mellow class II low volume creeking until the confluence. Once you hit the confluence ferry across the river to take the river right or middle channels avoiding the log jam between the left and middle channels. There is some pool drop class II with good eddies and a few small surf holes for practice along the way.

The river will take a 90 degree corner to the right. With little flow around the corner in medium flows. The rapid just after the corner picks ups speed and there is a change in current. In low water, there is some real fun eddies to catch, in higher water it's bouncy with a few holes and a good current going down the middle. Stay to the middle.

At the bottom of the rapid it pools out around a 150 degree corner to the left with a large eddy on left. This is just above the class 3 ledge. The water ramps down in a ledge. The meat of the hole is in the middle of the river taking the left line you can ride the main current around the bottom of the hole as the river turns to the right just after the ledge. It is also possible to drop the ledge on the right side depending on water levels. The ledge is undercut in the middle. Scout and/or portage on left.

There are a few more eddies and surf waves/holes. The take out is at the bridge.

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Run Information


From Tumber Ridge head west towards Chetwynd on Highway 29 for 5km. Turn right on to dirt road (before cement barrier leading up to the bridge over the Wolverine. Follow road to the base of the bridge staying left as each fork.

Put In

From the takout head back to the highway and turn right, drive 1.5km until the railway starts to leave the highway. Park in the parking lot beside the railway. Hike across the railway and down the trail. When it opens up a bit head straight through the clearing into the trees. Bullmoose Creek will be right there. The hike is .5km.


Pool Drop Class II with one Class III

Length & Time

3km, Couple_Hours


9m per km

Flow Information

Spring, Early Summer or after heavy rains. From the put in, drive east towards chetwynd another kilometer to the bridge across the bullmoose if there is enough water to float a boat you're good.

There is some spray painted lines on the base of the bridge across from the take out. The river is runnable well below those marks.

The river tends to be more run at lower levels because more rocks are exposed. I'm sure in higher water it would become fun and bouncy as well.


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