Willow Creek (AB) - Range Road 301 to Range Road 135 II

From the bridge float down a few km, during this stretch there are intermittent waves and small ledges. after a while you will enter into a canyon, from this point there is a s-bend boulder garden. The cheat line is on river left then half way through scooting over to river right. On the second half of the S-bend there is a cool looking line on far river left where the river is constricted between a large rock wall and a huge boulder. This whole set of rapids is scoutable on river left. After this section the river continues on with some more large waves, small ledges and generally easy paddling. All of the action is very predictable, where the canyon walls get big and rocky, there is larger more “technical” features. After about another 5-6 km the river enters into another deep walled canyon. This section is a large boulder garden followed up by some massif waves. The river turns left with a couple large boulders and drops, then continues around a left hand corner with boulders, ledges and massif waves. The line is scoutable on river left. From here the river calms and continues along with no large features.

There are four fences which cross the river, the first is under the bridge at the put in. The second and third about half way down the run and the last (which is passable on river left) is about an eighth of the way down the run. All of the fences are very noticeable and easily walked around.

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Put In

From the take out, drive back up to Hwy 527, continue west on the road until you hit a bridge crossing Willow Creek, this is a possible put-in, if you want a longer paddle, continue west for another 6 km until you hit Range Road 301. Turn left and continue down a hill to an old bridge, park on the south side of the bridge. It is recommended that you ask the home owner’s permission before parking. The put in is directly under the bridge on the south side of the creek.


Intermittent fun spots on a mostly easy paddle, lots of big waves and interesting scenery.

Length & Time

15km, Half_Day



Flow Information

Apparently this river flows very infrequently. We paddled the river at 25 m/sec which was good, there are lots of shallow spots still but it is very do-able. I would consider 15 m/sec to be very low. Normally the creek flows at 1-2 m/sec.



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