Whirpool River (AB) - Corral to S-bend II

A low volume glacial fed river that runs most of the year. Great after work run. At lower flows there are plenty of small play holes and eddies for hopping. Character of the run is easily assessed from the take out. Much of the river is scoutable from the road on the way to the put in.

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Run Information


From Jasper head South on Hwy 93 for 6.7Km, after passing through the park gate turn right(West) onto Hwy 93A. Follow for 15Km to Moab Lake Rd located just before the bridge over the Whirlpool river. Turn right(West) and follow Moab Lake Rd. for ~4Km until it meets up with the river. Park at one of the multiple suitable pullouts found on either side of the road.

Put In

Drive 2.3Km further up the Moab lake rd until you reach a corral on the left and a clearing on the right. Park at the clearing and hike ~500m to the river along the well defined path found across the road from the clearing just past the corral.


A low volume shallow river with numerous small play holes and scenic views.

Length & Time

Approximately 3 km. Straight down the run is 20 minutes, playing can take all afternoon.



Flow Information

Snow melt and glacier fed. The river is runnable at all flows with the best surfing found at medium low. Assess flow at the put in:

High Flow: very little beach, no island, no eddy

Medium Flow: little beach, no island, eddy present where the island would be

Low Flow: enough beach to set a boat on, large eddy behind the visible rock island.


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Near the end of the movie is the Whirlpool River:

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