Sunwapta River (AB) - Raft Put-in to Above the Falls III

Fairly continuous grade II with some grade III interspersed. Scenic views and ice cold glacial run off. Plenty of playspots and eddies. High water yields pressure waves and a few holes. Low water creates technical moves and more playspots.

Be sure to catch the takeout as the unrunnable Sunwapta Falls is just around the corner.

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Run Information


From Jasper travel South on Highway 93 for 53Km to the Sunwapta falls resort. Continue along Highway 93 for ~300m past the resort and turn Right(West) onto the gravel road marked with a “P” parking sign and a rafting/canoeing sign. Park anywhere along here.

You do not want to miss the take-out or you risk going over grade VI Sunwapta falls

Put In

Put In #1: From the takeout continue South on Highway 93 for 5.6km and park at the “Bubbling Springs” pull-out. The river is ~200m west of the highway through the forest. The trail may be poorly defined but if you travel perpendicular to the highway along one of the many game trails you will find the river after several minutes walk. This put in cuts out significant flat water

Put In #2: From Bubbling Springs continue 3.7Km South on Highway 93 to the rafting put in located on the West side of the highway.


Continuous glacier fed low volume river with several small play features and technical moves.

Length & Time

11km, Couple_Hours


Average: 9.5m/km (1%)

Max: 30m in 2Km (1.5%)

Flow Information

Fed by snow and glacier melt. Highest flows are in the spring, though heavy rainfall can bring levels up.

The gauge is visual at the takeout. From the carpark hike down to the water. The gauge is a stake that is ~5m upstream from the main eddy.

Local rafting companies may have up to date info on current flows.


Visual gauge at the take out.


Other Resources

  • Canadian Rockies Whitewater - The Central Rockies (Stuart Smith) p.205

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