Spray River(AB) - Above Spray Lakes IV

This run is comparable to a much shorter, fair bit easier Boundary Creek. Awesome boof after boof! Hike about 6km hike from the Mt. Shark trailhead parking lot until you get to the first bridge to cross a significant river, then bushwhack to the top of the run where the river flattens out. (you can scout the whole run from the hike up) The canyon starts with a 15 drop that gently rolls into a decent pool with about the only decent eddie on the river. From there is a 6ft pourover to a nasty awkward looking 12-15ft drop, choose your line carefully. A couple more pourovers lead you into the final section of river which is easily manageable boulder gardens. The run ends where you started bushwhacking at the bridge. This run is one of the most scenic around, plus the fact that it almost never gets done makes it a very good wilderness river. It is not much longer that 1.5km but still a great section of river that would be a true classic if it didnt take so much work to get to it. #getit

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From Canmore take the Smith-Dorian road for 37 km or until the turnoff for the Mt. Shark trailhead on your right. Drive past the heli pad turnoff and park in the parking lot. Walk across the wide open field and follow the lake trail, keep right when there's a fork in the trail after about 4k.


short committing canyon

Length & Time

1.5km, Half_Day


Flow Information

When to go is Spring/early summer. Flows are from snowmelt/rain. It is a larger creek than one would think so it can hold flows fairly well. It really couldn't get too high just really stout and continuous.


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