Spionkop Creek (AB) V

Extremely Low Volume, technical creek. I would only call one drop class V, but due to the extremely sharp and undercut nature of the bedrock, you'll want to be comfortable on class V before putting on at higher flows.

At good flows, it's a true gem of a creek.

After running the Culvert, keep a close eye for a tight, blind, walled in S-bend which leads to a horizon line backed by red bedrock. This is Fun Bags. Get out and scout, or if you miss the Eddy run it on the right.

Continue downstream though bedrock rapids and really cool bends until the river makes a sharp right turn where a ridge comes down and meets the creek. This is Candy Cane, one of the coolest 15-20 foot drops around. Scout on the right. It's been plugged hard at low water, so the pool is plenty deep.

The next obvious horizon line is Pancake, which the river left side drops onto a flat rock. Scout on the left, portage on the right.

Several blind corners lead to an obvious horizon line leading into a bedrock canyon. This is Mas o Menos, a manky slide/drop into a tight undercut pool. Scout and portage on river right.

After Mas o Menos, several ledges lead into Wall Street. It can be very difficult to find an Eddy above wall street at higher flows. The drop itself is a nice 10-15 foot waterfall with a very strong boil and an undercut wall and cave on the right. If you miss your boof at higher flows, you're almost certainly going to swim as the hole feeds directly into the cave. Fortunately, the rock is very featured offering excellent handholds should you find yourself swimming against the wall.

Shorly after wall street you comes though Efrain's Chute, named after the Peruvian, Efrain, somehow managed to run this upside down.

Next up is Bluffing Blinding where the right makes a sharp, tight, and blind turn to the right into one of the coolest sections on the creek.

A few more small rapids takes you out of the Canyon and to the takeout bridge.

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Run Information


At the bridge over the creek.

Put In

Park at the takeout, and hike your boat 5km up the nice gravel road, keeping left at the junctions. Put in just upstream of the culvert. After June 15th, you can drive up the road.


Continuous, extremely low volume creeking

Length & Time

5km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

After heavy snow melt or heavy rain. No gauge, but roughly correlates with drywood.

8 cm/s - Lowest runnable limit. Recommend for first time down 16 cm/s - Low - Small shallow eddys makes scouting difficult 20-30 cm/s - Medium - Scouting will be very difficult 30 cm/s + - High

Just below the put in culvert, look at the first turn to the left below the boof ledge.

If there is no way you can float a boat though it, it's extremely low. If you can bash your way though on the right, it's Low. If you can float comfortably on the right, it's medium. If you can't see any rocks, it's high.



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