Snake Indian River (AB) III

A medium volume remote multi-day river trip in a stunning setting. There is a 14-17km hike to reach the put in. Snake Indian Falls (Class VI) is located 3-4km into the run and can sneak up on you so pay attention. Portage on the left, follow the trail at the lip of the falls to the fire road, turn right, watch for a small trail that heads down to the river. Alternate portage is to rappel ~20m into the pool below the falls and run the IV drop in the gorge below. The river flows through several scenic canyons and valleys with numerous play spots at medium/high flows. The river is consistent grade II, with a couple of III / III+ rapids. This is generally done as a 2-3 day trip.

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Run Information


From Jasper drive east on Highway 16 for 12.2km to the Snaring Road. Turn left (north) and follow for 6.3 km to the Celestine Lake Road. Take the Celestine Lake road for 21km to the parking lot at its end. It is a short hike from the parking to the river. Be advised, the Celestine Lake Road is one way traffic only depending on time of day, (In: 0800-0900, 1100-1200, 1400-1500, 1700-1800. Out: 0930-1030, 1230-1330, 1530-1630, 1830-1930). Alternate take out is choose-your-own-adventure mix of paddling and portaging to get back to Highway 16 or Devona

Put In

From the Takeout return to Highway 16. Travel east for 59km to the Hwy 40 North Junction. Travel north on Highway 40 for 40Km and turn west at the sign for the Rock Lake Provincial Recreation Area. Follow for 32km to the Rock Lake Provincial Recreation Area. Find the trail head for the Willow Creek trail(at the time of writing: once in the Park take the first right and follow for 500m, stay left at the junction and follow for 300m, stay right, following the sign for Willmore Wilderness Park). From the trailhead it is ~14km hike to arrive at the Willow Creek Warden cabin. From the cabin if Willow Creek is high enough you can float along it to the confluence with the Snake Indian River(grade I) If the creek is too low follow the trail for another 2-3km to the river.


Continuous whitewater, wilderness trip, mandatory portage of Snake Indian Falls

Length & Time

39km, Multi_Day


8.2m / km

Flow Information

Fed by snowmelt and glacier runoff. Highest in the spring, lowest in the fall.


No Gauge


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