Sheep River (AB) - Gorge Creek to Sandy McNabb II

Small volume, narrow run in a scenic canyon. Lots of class II/II+ rapids, tight bends, boulder gardens and small waves. Watch out for wood/sweepers. The gate to this run opens May 15. May 2015 update: The first two rapids are no longer there since the flood. The steeper rapid, with a sneak line on the left is till there, but a bit different. The rest is a few small diagonal waves/holes and some steeper bits with small holes/waves. Near the end after a right/left bend there is a hole/wave.

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Run Information


From the Hwy 22 and Hwy 7 junction in Turner Valley, go west on hwy 546 for 21km to the Sandy McNabb campground and head to the picnic area by the river. (there are outhouses here)

Put In

Keep going on Hwy 546 for about 10 km and pull off to the right. You can either walk down the hill to the river or take creek through the tunnel under the hwy.


Small volume classII run trough a scenic canyon

Length & Time

11km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Spring Snow melt. Use sheep at black diamond guage. Low water 10 cms and high flow is 30+cms



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