Sheep Creek (AB) IV

A cold, remote, medium volume river through beautiful rocky mountain scenery.

The run starts with 45 minutes of flat water to get you warmed up and provide a little time to watch for moose and other wildlife along the way. Be aware that many of the rapids on this river are created by rock ledges which create retentive holes that have dished out their fair share of beat downs. A hike out may be very arduous depending on mine traffic as this run is more or less in the middle of nowhere.

The fun starts as the river begins to drop at the Horn Rock rapid(III+) and becomes fairly continuous. Not long after the start of the whitewater the river passes under a large concrete bridge and enters a short canyon section which ends as the river constricts into the the Grade IV Cauldron.

At the cauldron the river is forced through a slot ~8m wide which often catches large logs. Scout/portage on the right.

Below the Cauldron are a number of ledge drops before the river enters the Grade V canyon(often log choked), after running or portaging the Cauldron eddy river left and hike up the steep hill ~200m to the 4×4 track and scout/portage the canyon.

Below the Canyon you'll find plenty of fun grade IV boogie water, a few more ledges(including the very retentive Heidi's ledge), and some mellow bits between with lots of one shot waves.

If you show up for the River Rendez-vous in June the guided tour is fantastic and usually accompanies great water levels.

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Run Information


From Grande Cache head North on Hwy 40, ~500m before the highway crosses Sheep Creek (~29Km from town)there is a small dirt road that branches off on the right(east) side of the highway and runs parallel to the highway until ending in a clearing just downstream of the bridge. Park here, this is the take out

Put In

From The take out drive back towards Grande Cache ~20Km to Beaver Dam rd. on the west(right)side of the highway. Follow it for 30-45 minutes to the bridge over Sheep Creek, in some weather conditions this road will require 4×4 to navigate . Put in at the beach on the river right side of the bridge.


Medium volume meltwater fed grade IV river run with a portageable Grade V canyon.

Length & Time

20km, Full_Day



Flow Information

Peak flow is usually in June. There is a visual gauge on the downstream side of the bridge above the put in. 4 is medium, 6 is high.


Visual gauge


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