Redearth Creek (AB) V

A remote run that is very committing and technically challenging. Heavily impacted by 2013 floods.

On this run there are Four runnable drops. The furthest up is called Jug buster falls a 20-25 foot waterfall. After this drop the creek flows into a lg choked canyon, this is the reason that this drop is not run very often. After this canyon the creek flows off railslide a 15 foot technical waterfall.

After this the river drops again into another committing canyon were there are two slides. The first of the two slides is run center left and the next slide is center right. After this you continue down the canyon until a sharp left hand turn, this marks slam dunk a drop that is unrunnable. After this it is read and run to the take out

Note: If you decide to do this run you must have the skill to scout for yourself. This is a dangerous run.

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Run Information


From Banff follow the Trans Canada highway until you see a turnoff to the left for Redearth creek walk along the animal fence until you hit the creek.

Put In

There is a rough trail that start on the left hand side follow this as high as you want this also provides good opportunities to scout on the way up.


Hard drop creeking

Length & Time

3km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

If your boat will float it goes


No Gauge


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