Panther River (AB) II

The Panther is a tributary of the Red Deer River, and can be run as a beginner-level river when the Red Deer is too high. Generally run when the Red Deer is between 90 - 140 cms, at which point the Panther is roughly at 20 cms. It is a relatively narrow and low volume stream with many good eddies, and it is narrow enough to permit throw-bag and other rescue scenario practice.

The Panther flows quite quickly, but only has one rapid of note. The S-bend comes about 1/3 of the way into the run at a trailer campsite which has boulders on the banks. In the middle of the S-bend is a very strong non-rententive hole on river right. At the bottom there is a wall on river left that has a boulder garden on river left and a sneak route on river right.

The major danger on the Panther is wood. It should be scouted for wood before allowing beginners on the river, which takes about 60 minutes.

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Run Information


Blue bridge parking lot on the Red Deer.

Put In

Drive up 9 km from Mountain Aire lodge, until you come to a set of signs warning of no gas ahead with the Panther river clearly visible on the right-hand side.


Introductory river run for eddy turn practice.

Length & Time

8km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Panther is predominately fed by rain, and will be highest when the Red Deer is being swelled by rainfall.


No Gauge, estimate from Red Deer at Burnt Timber Creek


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