North Saskatchewan River (AB) HWY 93 Bridge to Preachers Point (I)

North Saskatchewan River Crossing (HWY93 Bridge) to Preachers Point. Near Abraham Lake. An easy run that is almost entirely a Class 1 float with some faster sections of water and sharper bends that almost lend this to be a Class 1+. Could be run by canoe or kayak, features fairly straight forward read and run wave trains with long float sections in between, diverging sections of shallow waters, some sweepers present on the banks and sand bars. There is a Alberta flow station at Whirlpool, good flows are late May through mid-Sept with 100-225 m3/s flow rate, peaks in early June and gradually decreases into September.

Most notable section of caution being Whirlpool Point where a bend to the left, shallowing, and large canyon boulders cause undercurrents and eddies through which a wave train runs on river right. Scouting can be done on large sand bar river right @ over head buoys.

Our paddle was 3hr40min moving time with total time of 5hr20min with stops. Average moving speed 9km/hr at 175m3/s flow rate in mid August.

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Run Information


Preachers Point (Crownland camping) a long stretch of shallow bank area stretching for about a kilometer, easily visible from the David Thompson HWY 11.

It is about 60km SSW of Nordegg or 31km NE from North Saskatchewan River Crossing.

Put In

From HWY 93 and HWY 11 drive 1.6km south of the North Saskatchewan River Crossing along Hwy 93, there is a trail down to the river on the left side just past the bridge that crosses the river.


Easy river float with some faster sections

Length & Time

34km, Half_Day


0.3% as measure with GPS

Flow Information

Glacial melt river, river has good flow late April to mid September

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