North Drywood (AB) IV

North Drywood is one of the 3 or 4 short season low volume creeks that are found on the front range mountains by the Pincher Creek shell plant. This valley is also a popular rock climbing area, or at least as popular as climbing areas get around here. Getting to the put in requires a 3km or so hike up a good gravel road. Flows are normally only good for a 2 week stretch in the spring. The run is very low volume.

(From Chris Goble's page in Resources.)

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Run Information


Drive to Pincher Creek Shell plant between Pincher Creek and Waterton. Drive past the shell plant. Turn left halfway down a hill by an artificial lake. Continue straight at a T instersection to a gate

(From Chris Goble's page in Resources.)

Put In

Hike to the end of the road with your boat. 3km.

(From Chris Goble's page in Resources.)


Low volume creek run.

Length & Time

3km, Half_Day



Flow Information

30cms on the Drywood guage probably means 2cms at the put in and 4cms or so at the end. The first few week of June in normally good.

(From Chris Goble's page in Resources.)



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