Muskeg River (AB) III

* This run contains the grade V Little Muskeg Falls that is usually portaged, also, immediately after the takeout is the grade VI un-runnable Muskeg Falls. Paddling with someone with local knowledge is advised *

The river starts with a play spot right under the bridge. It then carries on as a nice low volume river meandering through a forested valley. There are plenty of catch on the fly waves and play spots and class II rapids with interspersed grade III sections.

The river takes a bit of a right turn in a boulder garden and drops into little Muskeg Falls. Be on the lookout for this as you don't want to run it by accident. There are plenty of eddies on the left. Hike around the falls and put in on the rock slab below the second drop. The seal launch in is ~5m to the pool below.

Carrying on downstream the river has a similar character as previously. When you arrive at a long straight section with a bit of a scree/canyon wall on your right you are very near the end of the run. At the end of the straight stretch the river makes a sharp left and plummets ~13m onto a rock shelf. There is not a pronounced horizon line or indication of the falls so be sure to eddy out river left well before the falls. The trail to the takeout starts at the top of the falls and is ~ 2km back to the highway

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Run Information


From Grande Cache head South on Hwy 40 for ~17 Km to the pullout for the Muskeg Falls Day use area. The pullout is poorly marked and located on the North (Left) side of the road. There is a small bear proof garbage can and a little trail through the woods a couple of kilometers to the falls.

Put In

From the takeout continue South on Hwy 40 for ~5Km to the bridge over the Muskeg River. Parking is on the West (Grande Cache side) just upstream of the bridge.


River run with a couple of play spots and 2 must make portages

Length & Time

6km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Fed by snowmelt in the spring. No gauge, estimate flow at the put in.


No Gauge


You can see the Muskeg at about the 3:30 mark.

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