Maligne River (AB) - Canyon Section IV

A fun canyon run that can be done after work or even during a lunch break if you hustle. The rapids are all scoutable on the hike upstream. Be prepared for an audience as this is a popular tourist destination. There are 4 main rapids:

Turbobooster(III+/IV): The lowest of the rapids. It is barely visible from the trail through the trees. Hike down to the river from the trail for a closer look.

Two Timer(Double Drop)(IV): Just above Turbo-booster consists of 2 holes. Most go left at the first and right at the second.

Ledge drop(Fourth Bridge Drop)(III): Easily viewable from the trail. A ~1.5m ledge drop. Pick a line.

The Sickle(V): Most difficult of the rapids. It is upstream from a small canyon and a boulder garden. At medium flows the large hole in the middle of this rapid gets sticky. Most try to punch it on the left. Pick a line in the boulder garden around the corner.

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The symbols can be clicked on and provide some simple explanations of why they are there. You can also use the symbols to get directions from Google Maps to the put in/takeout. A handy thing!

Run Information


From Jasper go East on Hwy 16. Turn South(Right) at Maligne Lake Rd(goes to Maligne Lake and Jasper Park Lodge). Cross the Moberly bridge and stay Left at the Y intersection immediately after it. Follow for 3Km until you reach the turnoff for Maligne 5th Bridge and turn left. Follow 1Km to the parking lot.

Put In

From the take out cross the bridge and hike upstream. Put in as far up as you see fit.

Most common put ins:

*Below Turbo-booster(if you ckicken out)

*Between Turbo-Booster and Two Timer

*Above Fourth Bridge Drop

*Between the Sickle and its associated boulder garden(sweet seal launch from the ledge)

*Above the Sickle.


Low volume pool drop canyon run.

Length & Time

Anywhere from one to a couple of hours.



Flow Information

Starts running in May and is usually runnable until late summer. Highest flows usually occur in June. Flow is easy to assess at the put in. If the river looks high it is high. If the river looks low it is low. The rapids are all runnable at all flows. There is a vast cave system attached to the Maligne drainage that seems to operate as a buffer, as a result it doesn't experience the same peaks and floods as other area rivers.


A rough estimate can be made by looking from 5th bridge downstream to the midstream boulder ~150m downstream. Because of the previously mentioned cave systems this isn't a terribly accurate gauge of the canyon flow.

Low: The boulder is well exposed

Medium: The boulder is visible

High: The boulder is a hole


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