Kiskatinaw River (BC) IV

Please take the follow description as what it looked like at the time of writing. The river can change drastically from year to year.

The run starts off with a mellow class II float for the first 2 km. Once you starting coming out of a horseshoe corner, the waves and pace of the river picks up (class IV). It is possible to scout from the island at the end of the bend (take out high on the island). Best line is tight to the right side of the island skirting the edge of the massive hole on the right wall. Work left across the diagonal waves and out cropping will force you right again. Then work hard to left to avoid a very retentive hole 15ft up stream of the house size boulder in the middle of the river.

There is a few km of class II before you hit the next canyon, the water pools before entering a boulder garden (IV), scout on left. Line is on the left side clipping the edges of the holes.

There are a few more km of class II then you enter the third canyon. You can scout from either side but the line is on the left side, clipping the edge of the two holes stacked on top of each other. There is a weak spot in the middle of the second hole.

As you round the next corner to the left, stay in the middle or left side of the river there is a large pour over on the right wall.

You have about 4km of flat water till the 4th canyon (class III+) start in the middle of the river and slowly work your way right. Left channel has a retentive ledge hole at medium levels. Once you pass the ledge, slide down the gravel bar into the left channel.

Read and run class III till the bridge.

River is low gradient except in the canyons is the time to do the ran can vary from 1.5 hours to 5 hours depending on flow. The river can change drastically with high water events and lines have been know to change completely.

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Run Information


From Dawson Creek head north on the Alaska towards Fort St John for 27km. Turn right on the Old Alaska Highway for 4.5 km. Turn right into the Kiskatinaw Provincial Park. Park near the playground.

Put In

From the take out head north on the Old Alaska Highway across the wood curved bridge. Turn left (south) on the Alaska highway, drive for 5km crossing the Kiskatinaw (end of the 3rd Canyon), then turning right on 245 Road. At the 4 way stop turn right. The road's main flow will go left, continue straight. At the stop sign turn right. Turn left down the second road to the right. The road will fork, left goes to a lease, right is a quad trail. Park here and hike 2km down the quad trail to the river.


Pool Drop Creeking

Length & Time

15km, Couple_Hours


5 meters per kilometer average

Flow Information

Best ran in spring run off. River will react a few days after large rain falls.

High: 60cms+ (has been ran up to 95cms) Medium 30cms to 60cms Low: 10cms to 30cms (class III)



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