Kickinghorse River (BC)- Middle IV

A big volume run with a long section of pushy and difficult rapids that ends in the class V bridge drop. It starts with a section of class III/IV rapids with holes and waves. In lower water it is a bit less continuous and can be run up to the train signal on river right to portage alonge the train tracks (after this it gets more difficult both on the river and getting up to the train tracks to portage) or you can get out anytime before this on the right if it getting too intense. After this is a class IV-V section with holes, a bolder fence, and the bridge rapid (achute that leads to a massive hole on river right) After the bridge drop is Split rock, a ledge with recirculation at some levels. If you portaged you can get back in below split rock down the steep hill.

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Run Information


Head back E on HWY1 out of town. Just before a large bridge over the Kickinghorse River there is a gravel turnoff on your right, south side, of the HWY. Take this road and follow it steeply downhill to the train tracks and a small parking lot, you can also continue on to do the lower canyon run and finish back in town

Put In

East of Golden there is a rest area right beside the river called the “Kickinghorse River Rest Area”, this is where many rafting companies takeout and is also the takeout for the Kickinghorse River (BC) - Upper III


A big volume run with a long section of pushy and difficult rapids that ends in the class V bridge drop.

Length & Time

3.5km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

The Kickinghorse River is fed by glacial melt and gets very high in the early spring with the run off. This section is usually paddled at lower water levels seen earlier in the spring or later in the summer/early fall. There is usually enough water in the Kickinghorse River throughout the whole paddling season. Low flow is about 50cms, high flow is above 100cms.



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