Kananaskis River (AB) - Lower Section I

A great beginner river run. Lots of large eddies and enough action to scare a novice boater. Be aware of sweepers in the river. There are a few places where the river makes some tight corners against rock cliff walls causing wave trains to form against the cliff. These can be either avoided or run at your discretion. Keep in mind beginners may not be able to avoid these wave trains as this is where the current pushes you. S-Bends is perhaps the most difficult rapid and occurs near the end, a low class II. The river makes a few sharp turns causing some constriction and therefore waves. Follow the main current and you will be fine. There are some nice places to picnic along the shore on your way down to Seebee. Great fun in a canoe too.

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Run Information


From HWY 1W –> Exit at HWY1X Seebee/Exshaw –>Drive 5-10 minutes north and look for a dam. Park on a gravel pad beside the dam reservoir just past a black steel bridge over the Kananaskis River.

Put In

Go back on HWY 1 heading east towards Calgary –> Exit at HWY40S Kananaskis Country –>Drive 5-10 minutes south and look for Canoe Meadows on your right.


Classic beginner river run

Length & Time

8km, Half_Day



Flow Information

Flows year round because it is dam controlled. The dam releases on a schedule. Follow the gauge link to see the dam release times. In the spring it is often 12-24hrs a day, while in the later summer it can be as few as 4 hours a day.



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