Holmes River (BC) III/IV

The Holmes is a fairly continuous river run. Mostly just big crashy waves to enjoy. There are a few large pour overs to catch the un-attentive boater however. Wood can be an issue as well so heads up river running is key.

From the Put-in the Holmes fairly quickly picks up steam and provides plenty of fun for the duration of the run. There are a few breaks where it slows down to class II.

Just before the takeout there is a very defined rapid called Beaver Falls. It's easy to scout on the drive in. It is basically a fun ride down a ramp into some swirly water down below, easy to do laps on if you wish.

River Alerts

Being a young river, wood and new channels are a frequent caution. River left side of Beaverfalls has a significant log.


The symbols can be clicked on and provide some simple explanations of why they are there. You can also use the symbols to get directions from Google Maps to the put in/takeout. A handy thing!

Run Information


From Mcbride, head south on hwy 16 to the Holmes river bridge. There is parking on either side of the river on the upstream side of the bridge. The shuttle road is on river left.

Put In

Head up the Holmes River forest road on the south (river left) side of the valley. When the road crosses the Holmes river on a wood bridge, pull over 200m further on where the road gets close to a large flat section of the river.


Continuous class 3/4 river running.

The length and continuous style of multiple rapids is class 4 swim consequence. Pushy, fast, with a few significant holes.

Length & Time

17km, Half_Day



Flow Information

There is a paint gauge on the Hwy 16 bridge. 4-5 is lower water, 7 begins to get big and pushy with large holes in Boulder Boogie and Avalanche. ==== Gauge ==== See above ===== Media ===== Embedding video and images is simple, to do it properly and quickly please read How To Add Video and Images. ===== Other Resources ===== * Websites

River Alerts

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