Highwood River (AB) - Ing's Creek to Longview II

This is a pretty fun canoe run for all types of boats and experience levels. Put in at the same take-out as the Greenford to Ings Creek run. Slide / line your boat down from the highway, immediately after the put in a number of smaller, 3/4 river wide ledges are encountered. This continues on for a while, small ledges and surf waves. The river meanders around for a while, in and out of a steep walled valley. There are no significant holes, ledges or water hazards throughout the run. As the river gets closer to Longview (2 hours of constant paddling) the waves and ledges get further apart and the only action comes from smaller waves pushing back from the river bank. Pull out on river right just past (200 metres) the highway 22 bridge (the only bridge you go under). Trudge through the bush for 100 metres or so and over a fence to get to your vehicle.

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Run Information


Drive to Longview, continue to head south on highway 22, down a large hill, over the bridge which spans the Highwood River. 200 metres past the bridge take a left and drive down a gravel road for 300 metres. Park in a large open area / grass field.

Put In

Head back to Longview on highway 22. After the town turn west on Highway 541 for 13 km (aprox.) This should be a long sweeping right hand corner. Shortly after the corner there should be small pull-out, park in the ditch. The put in is a very short walk south, over a fence then down a steep bank.


Fun intermediate canoe river run with some waves and small ledges

Length & Time

15km, Half_Day


Not too sure.

Flow Information

This is a typical foothills run which is fed by snow melt and rain. Low would be around 20 m/s, a good level is 25-30 m/s (for canoe) anything over that would be sporty or perhaps washed out. The gauge to use is: “Highwood River at Diebel's Ranch”. I suspect that this stretch is good between late May and July.



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