Highwood River (AB) - Group Campground to Greenford III

II+ rapids starts the run for the first few kilometers until you reach a horizon line. This starts a series of 4 or 5 ledges spaced over the next few kilometers that range from III - IV. Afte the last drop the river makes a hard left turn with logs piled up against the head wall. This may be a hazard in pushy flows. The rapids then continue with class II+ until the river makes a left turn at a rock outcropping with a chain link fence visible on the right hand side. This is the entry to Highwood Falls which is a III+ - IV+ double drop into a narrow constriction. The rapids ease again until the take-out.

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Run Information


From Longeview head west on Highway 541 for 25 kilometers to Greenford campground.

Put In

From Greenford continue South on Highway 541. When you pass the Kananaskis entrance you will see a campground on your immediate left. Park in the day use area.


Ledge and pool drop run.

Length & Time

12km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

This runs during the spring melt. 10 is low and 40+ is high.



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