Fraser River (BC) - Railroad Y to Pipeline Gate (Upper Upper) III

This medium to large volume run begins in a mellow single channel accross some boulder beds. The pace pics up slightly before reaching a sharp right corner just upstream of a railroad bridge. This becomes a 1.5 km section of grade II-III whitewater with plenty of exploding waves, holes and small features. When the river splits at a large island take the right channel and look for the takeout trail. The trail is poorly marked but is well worn and located ~100m upstream from the bottom of the island going more or less straight up the hill to the pipeline road.

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Run Information


From the traffic lights in Jasper at Highways 16 & 93 drive 74.0km West on highway 16. Look for a pipeline access road with a bright yellow gate on the South side of the river.

Alternately, from the Mount Robson Cafe travel East 10.8km on Highway 16 to reaech the aforementioned pipeline access road.

To reach the river follow the pipeline access road for ~100m until you encounter a trail down to the river on your left. It should be fairly obvious but if not the trail is immediately before the 3rd power pole after the gate, look for an arrow carved into the pole at head height.

This Take-out is also the Put in for the Upper Fraser (Pipeline Gate to Overlander)

Put In

From the take out travel 3.0km East on Highway 16, look for a steep trail that leads down the ditch and into the brush. This is Put In #1, it involves more hiking but less flat water

Alternately continue East on Highway 16 for an additional 8km until you reach a gravel road on the South side of the highway labeled “Red Pass Townsite”. Follow this 1km to the CN siding. This is Takeout #2, it is a friendlier put in for rafts and invloves less hiking but there is significantly more flatwater involved.


Medium to large volume with fun features at most flows. Flows over boulder bed with open rapids.

Length & Time

5km, Couple_Hours


Average: 5.8km (0.58%)

Max: 30m in 5km (0.6%)

Flow Information

Fed by snowmelt and glacial runoff from May - October

Low: 20-35cms

High 70cms+



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Other Resources

  • Canadian Rockies Whitewater - The Central Rockies (Stuart Smith) p.263

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