Fraser River (BC) - Raft Run III

A class III pool drop river. There is a must make portage around Rearguard Falls(V). The river is very read and run with plenty of eddies and scouting options available.

Rearguard falls is roughly halfway down the run and easily identifiable: the river turns left and enters a long flat straight section. The falls is just around the corner as the river turns right at the end of the straight bit. Eddie and portage river right, you'll be able to see the viewing area railings through the trees and likely hear the thunder. There is a log structure present for lowering rafts down to the eddy below the falls but you must supply your own rope. Rearguard falls is sometimes run by those looking for some excitement, the most common line is on the left.

After the falls is the largest rapid on the run aside from the falls. It is a 500m long III wave train which is not easily portageable at higher flows. It is scoutable from the Rearguard viewing area. Continue down the run through a few small rapids to the takeout. The takeout is a little hard to see from the river, after you pass the highway weigh scale keep a close eye on the right river bank.

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Run Information


From Jasper head east ~100Km to Mt. Robson on Hwy 16, continue past Mt.Robson for ~10 minutes until you reach the junction of Hwy 16 and Hwy 5, at the junction there is a rest area on the South side of the Hwy, this is the takeout. Park so that the raft companies will have room to maneuver their trips.

Put In

From the takeout drive east on Hwy 16 to the 'Mount Robson Lodge and Campground', enter the campground and check in at the front desk to let them know you'd like to use their boat launch. Drive down the hill, unload gear your gear and then go park in the visitor parking near the rafting gear sheds. This is a private campground that the owners have been nice enough to allow public river access, please be courteous to their facilities and drive slowly.


Pool drop river run

Length & Time

11km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Fed by snow melt. The season begins in May and runs through the summer with peak flows in June. Assess flow at the put in gauge(the Red Pass online gauge is above the confluence with several tributaries and isn't always accurate to river conditions).

Campground Gauge:

Low: <5

Medium: 5 - 15

High: >20


Visual at the put in. Online gauge will give some idea but flow from the Moose River(confluence below the gauge) can add significant water to this section of the Fraser and doesn't respond to weather in the same way that the rest of the Fraser does.

Fraser River at Red Pass:


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