Flatbed Creek (BC) III (IV)

Flatbed Creek is a playful run with a series of ledges, varying in hight from 1 to 8 feet. This run is very prone to wood which is constantly changing. Make sure you scout flatbed falls as it collects a lot of wood which can make it unrunnable.

The run starts of off with a class II warm up stretch. The flow kicks up a couple of times and dies back down. When you see it kick up the flow and there is a rapid with a few holes on the middle left, there is a river wide ledge (~2ft) with a hard to see horizon line that is hard to see coming up quickly. The ledge is runnable anywhere along it, there is a bit of a tongue tight to the right bank. Boat scouting is doable, portage would be best on right.

The river clicks up to class III for a while. There are a few more read and run small ledges.

The river flattens out and around a bend to the left you will see a horizon line and mist coming up; this is flatbed falls. Scout on left, portage on right. The ideal line is to start middle left. There is a rock or small hole (depending on water levels) stay to the left and then move right just after it. Turn back to the left and paddle to the right to ride the ramp down over the falls following the main current making sure you don't get out of the current on the right side. There is aways wood in both eddies below the falls, be more concerned about staying away from the wood on the right.

There is some more read and run class II/III until you come up on the ledges above mini falls. There are two ramps that drop into holes. Take the first one on the left and then move hard to the right so you're in the centre of the river. Then comes the first drop of mini falls, aim for a flake (1.5 ft) on the left or middle and boof over the undercut do the same for the second. The first one is good to just run but it's worth taking at scouting on right. It's about 3ft. Both ledges are undercut, the second is definitely the more concerning one.

It's a float out to the take out, just past the bridge.

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Run Information


From Tumber Ridge, head east on highway 29 towards Chetwynd for 1.7km turn right into the Lions Campground, instead of turning left at the RV Dump Station stay left (straight) and drive to the creek.

Put In

From the take out head back to the highway and turn left heading east. Drive 7.4km towards Grande Prairie (the highway changes to 52 after passing Tumber Ridge). Just before the bridge turn left and drop down below the bridge.


continuous river run

Length & Time

10km, Couple_Hours


Avg 8m per kilometer

Flow Information

Spring and shortly after heavy rains.
Low: 10cms
Medium: 35cms
High: ?



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