Fiddle River (AB) - Upper III

The hike in is 4.5Km over a mountain pass with tight horse trails that make it hard to pull a kayak.

The river starts off flowing through the gravel bed valley.

Approximately 15 minutes into the run you pass through a mellow canyon section, after this point you are quite committed to the run, opting out will more or less involve hiking over or around Mt Schuey.

The river continues through gravel beds with some grade III boulder gardens and a couple more nice canyon sections including a double drop that ranges from grade IV- to V depending on flow, followed by more gravel beds and boulder gardens, and a grade III/III+ drop a bit closer to the takeout.

The scenery is stunning and the hike out isn't nearly as bad as the hike in… plus you can soak in the hot springs when you pick up your vehicle.

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Run Information


From Jasper drive east on Hwy 16 to the Miette Hotsprings road (~42Km). Travel south on the Hotsprings road for ~8km, you will drive past a lookout point located on the left hand side of a right hand corner, the road will then go down a fairly steep hill and make a left hairpin curve. ~100m after the hairpin there is a small grassy ditch on the left side of the road where you can park.

Walk a little further up the road from your vehicle and you will find Morris creek. Follow the creek ~ 200m to the Fiddle river. Make sure you will recognize the takeout, if you pass it by it will be a lot of work to get back to the road.

Put In

From the take out drive 7Km further up the road to Miette Hotsprings and park there. The Sulphur Skyline/Fiddle pass Trailhead is located just south of the pool facility on the vehicle turn around loop. The hike is 4.5Km through a pass, anticipate 2-3 hours and lots of hiker traffic. ~2Km into the hike the trail forks, stay left to hike to the Fiddle river, this area is well signed by Parks Canada so navigation should be simple.


A committing river run through gravel bed and limestone canyons.

Length & Time

13Km plus 4.5 Km Hike, Full_Day



Flow Information

Surprisingly unaffected by snow melt. Historic data shows peak flows in mid June but the gauge was long ago decommissioned by parks so there is no new data. Flow can be assessed at the bridge located 5 minutes east of the Miette road on Highway 16.

Flow at the bridge takes 8 hrs to respond to rainfall (low flows with heavy rain starting at 22h00 result in brown angry brown water at 06h00)

The river at the take out is a good indication of the character of the run so having a look there will give you an indication of what the flow is going to be like for the entire run.


No Gauge


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