Elk River (BC) - Lower III

A big volume run in a valley with short canyon section. This run varies greatly depending on water levels. Right at the put in to the right of the island are two class III rapids right after one another. In low water they are technical boulder gardens with some holes and waves. In high water the two rapids blend together and there are some big waves and some holes. After these rapids it eases up with some class II sections and with some pour overs and play waves in spots. Below the confluence with the Wigwam river (coming in from the left) the canyon begins. It starts with a left turn that has a series of waves (or sometimes holes) that can be avoided on the left. Then a bit of a right turn into some swirly and boily water leading up to Horizon Line. It is a steep diagonal wave that is easiest running right of centre. In high water it is followed by a long wave train. At low water it is fairly calm after and there is a spot on the left where you can jump off the cliffs. After Horizon comes Landslide (there is a landslide on the left) which at high water has a line on the left and right with a big hole in the middle. At low flows there is no rapid just a large rock in the middle. The rest of the run is waves and bolder gardens but watch for pourovers. Near the end of the run there is a rapid at high flows that has a few big waves that leads into a big pourover, or a slanted rock at low flows.

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Run Information


From Elko west west on Hwy 3/93 turn sout on Hwy 93 for 14km to the elk river bridge, at the end of the bridge turn right onto a gravel road that goes down and under the bridge, you can park there or go a little farther and turen left to another parking spot right beside the river.

Put In

From the take out go back north 10.5 km turn right onto a gravel road. On the right is a dirt bike track, turn right after the track and up a steep hill. Stay left until the end or the road. Head (way)down to the river using the stairs and switchbacks


A big volume run in a valley with short canyon section class III

Length & Time

14km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Spring & summer. Low flow 20cms (…not sure how low it can be paddled, maybe lower), medium is 35cms+, high flow over 100cms



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