Elk River (BC) - Canyon AKA Middle Elk IV

This run is also sometimes referred to as the “Upper Lower”.

A short exciting run through a deep canyon with a 36 foot waterfall put in option. From the pull out at the put in walk across the field and take a look at the first rapid downstream, Rocket Eddy, then take a peek at Leap of Faith. If you decide to pass, walk upstream along the canyon rim until you find the trolley tracks descending into the canyon, a piece of webbing is useful here to use to lower your boat as you climb down the tracks. Loop the webbing over your shoulder and you can face the tracks and down climb.

If you decide to go for the falls, walk up stream around the BC Hydro site, there is no need to jump any fences. Up stream of the site bushwhack down towards the river and try and find the Class 6 slot, there is a place you can walk down onto the rock edge of the canyon. Before descending down walk downstream and take a look of the falls from the outcropping over looking the pool below.

Once you descend down head downstream below the slot, from here you can make the 15 foot seal launch into the eddy on river right. If the eddy is a big recirculating mess the river might be too high and you might want to rethink your plans.

From the eddy peel out and hit your line over the falls.

From the pool below the falls paddle down through the first rapid, which you scouted from above, Rocket Eddy. After rocket eddy there are a couple of corner with easy boogie water. When you come to the top of a long straight stretch, you have reached Corner Pocket. You can paddle down and get out on the Left just above the ledge on the right. Below corner pocket is a big boulder garden with a couple of big holes, watch out. From here down there are a few more class four rapids before the canyon opens up. Look for the Pipeline crossing and the track leading up on the right. You can choose to hike out of the canyon or continue on through the 10 km Lower Elk run to the bridge on highway 93.

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Run Information


From Elk take highway three south, after a couple of Kilometers take highway 93 south. After about a km take a right on a gravel road towards the mill. Stay left then take a right at the Motocross track, form here it is a long stay right stretch with a big hill at the end. Follow the road another 100 m from the top of the hill to a opening over looking the canyon, from her you can take a look at the track you will have to walk up to get out of the canyon.

Put In

If the gate for the mill is open you can take a right at the Motocross track and head north into the mill drive through the mill by staying left, as you leave the gate out of the mill there is a pull out on your right park here and walk across the field to the canyon rim.

If the Mill is closed you will have to head back towards Elko, just before you make it to Elko, just before Elk take a right onto Bate Ave, right onto Main Street the left onto Alexander. Alexander bends around to the right and turns into Cascade Ave, you should see the river on your left, this is the reservoir. Watch for the Dam on your left, this is the put in. ~2km after this just before the lumber yard there is a pull out on the left, from here you can walk to the canyon rim and see Leap of Faith.


Big volume boulder gardens in a constricted canyon.

Length & Time

2km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Best in Summer, July and August provide good flows. August is the best time for a first time down the Canyon. It can also be paddled in ealry Spring, April and May before the Level becomes to high. 30 - 40 cms is a good first time level on the Environment Canada Gauge in Fernie, has been paddled up around 80 - 100 cms.



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