Elbow River (AB) - Boat Launch to Paddy's Flats II

A small volume run with some play waves and small ledges, also known as the play run. Most of the run is class I-II rapids created by bends and small ledges. At a left turn with an eddy behind a rock outcropping there is a series of small ledges that have recirculations/boofs on the right side and waves on the left, scout or portage on the left. Near the end of the run there is a steeper rapid with a ledge that can be scouted or portaged on the left. Lines change depending on water levels. Take out river left at Sandy Mcnabb campground (look for a small wooden fotbridge after a rock outcrop). Or extend the run (just some small waves and braided sections) and take out at Allen Bill Pond

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Run Information


Head west on Hwy 66 (near bragg creek) and park at Allen Bill Pond (for a bit longer run) or keep going and go to the Paddy's Flats Campground (Loop C is closest to the river and has a spot for parking) Outhouses here

Put In

Continue west on hwy 66 until you see the sign for the boat launch on the left. outhouses here


A small volume run with some play waves class II

Length & Time

4km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Spring snowmelt. Usually needs at least 15cms, but better at 30-50cms. Use elbow river at bragg creek gauge



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