Elbow River (AB) - Allen Bill to Bragg Creek II

This run has been effected by the 2013 flood. I do not think Allen Bill Pond really exists anymore. Use caution.

This is a good early season warm up (if there is enough water). Its a tight fast moving river with some smaller waves and ledges. The run starts at Allen Bill Pond, take the small channel from the pond and paddle away. The river meanders around with most of the waves being on the outside corners of the river. For the first 12km of the trip watch out for hanging trees, log jams and strainers. There are a few small waves to play on.

The river starts getting better around the 12km mark, at this point you will notice a huge sand/gravel face with a house perched on top where the river makes a abrupt left hand turn. On the corner there is a nice, small surfing wave with super easy entrance. A short distance down-stream the river splits, the majority of the water flowing through a narrow (2 metre wide) channel, if there is enough water, both routes are good, the right hand narrow channel being the best option (make sure you scout this first as there has been many logs blocking the channel in the past). The river will bend a couple more times then open up and there will be another abrupt right hand turn, this is the first ledge, its suggested that you scout the ledge before running it on the right hand side of the river. At this point the river drops significantly, there is a few lines the left hand side being the most difficult, a cheat line wiggles its way on the right hand side. After the ledge the river piles up against a small bluff then turns again to the left. The next 1km to the take out is fast and filled with many small ledges.

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Run Information


Take Hwy 22 S into Bragg Creek, turn right on Bassam Ave, cross the bridge and take another right onto Wintergreen Rd, drive down the road for another 150 metres, at this point there is a small gravel pull out on the right hand side. This is a stones throw from the river. When on the water the take-out is on river left about 150 metres past the bridge at Bragg Creek. The river is slightly channeled here so its best to head to river left at the bridge.

Put In

From the take out head back out through Bragg Creek and get back onto Hwy 22, take Hwy 22 south 3.5km to the intersection of Hwy 66. Turn right on Hwy 66 and follow it 10km to the Allen Bill Pond Parking lot.


Close to Calgary easy float!

Length & Time

18km, Half_Day



Flow Information

This run needs at a minimum 15cms to run. There is a metre at Bragg Creek that best discribes the water on the river.



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