Dore River (BC) IV

The Dore is an extremely continuous run. Right from the start paddlers are into a constant wave train with tonnes of fun waves and holes to crash through and dodge.

Wood is an issue and boaters should be comfortable making fast lateral moves in very pushy water to avoid sweepers and strainers. A very solid roll in class IV whitewater is recommended. A swim would be long and unpleasant. Eddies are few and far between and not always where you want them.

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Run Information


From Mcbride head North on Hwy 16. At the Bridge over the Dore river, there is a small gravel road and parking area on the river right bank, upstream of the bridge.

Put In

Cross the Dore on the Hwy 16 Bridge and take the first left (west). Drvie up the Dore Forest road until just past the 6km marker post. The road forks here and there is a clearing to park vehicles. The put in is just downstream of the bridge on the right hand fork, 25m from the clearing.


Very fast River running, with holes and pourovers to dodge.

Length & Time

6km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

May-July, from snow melt. The author ran this run at ~65cms which from observation of the riverbed is on the higher side but still very manageable.



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