Crownest River (AB) - Lundbreck Falls to Twp Rd 74 II/III

Moderate to challenging river run with several distinct rapids. Put in leads to a sharp right bend with small slanted ledge protruding on river left. River bends left to two broken half meter ledges 8 meters apart, prominent on river right. Big Eddy on river right to stop and look at next drop as the river curves right. Starts with 1m ledge with clean rolling wave line on river right straight through another small rapid on the river right side which is a ledge on river left. What follows is a quick section of moving water that comes to the Rat hole where you can go hard river left or river right, separated by a mid stream outcrop of rock at low water. Rat hole is a swimming hole, not a surfing hole ;). Downstream from there can be a nice surf wave originating on river left. The rest of the run is easy moving water, with plenty of room in the middle. After going under the highway bridge, the run slows and meanders to the takeout.

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Run Information


Takeout is at the bridge on Twp Rd 74C. From Lundbreck take Highway 3 west 1.3km to the intersection at the bottom of the hill. Follow this road <1km to a bridge, parking available on the near side of the bridge.

Put In

Put in is easiest at the Lundbreck Falls campground. From Lundbreck take highway 3 west and turn left at the bottom of the first hill on to 3A. Follow road up and around until you see the campground, roughly 2km. turn right into the campground and take the left road, down into the lower section. parking lot is straight ahead. There is a nice beach and swimming hole a short walk downriver or you can jump straight in on the rocks/grass above a small rapid.


Continuous Intermediate River Run

Length & Time

3km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

May and June. Snowmelt and/or rain. Good level above 10 cms. Rocky but runnable below that.



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