Clearwater River (BC) - Play Run III

Big, warm water with lots of play spots depending on the level. Named waves include “The Wall”, “German Basher”, “Spin Wave”, “Tsunami”, “Pink Mountain” and “Little Pink”.

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The symbols can be clicked on and provide some simple explanations of why they are there. You can also use the symbols to get directions from Google Maps to the put in/takeout. A handy thing!

Run Information


From Highway 5 at Clearwater turn NW onto the Old North Thompson Rd E (This is across the highway from the Wells Grey Inn). Follow for 1.2km to the West side of the bridge over the Clearwater river. Take your first right(North) onto Camp 2 road which runs along the right river bank. Follow for ~100m and look for a rocky path that leads down to the river.

Alternate Take out - Camp at the North Thompson Campground and paddle all the way back to camp.

Put In

From the take out drive 0.6km up the hill, turn right onto the gravel road where the pavement ends and mark your odometer before contiuing up the road into Wells Grey Park. There are 3 put in options:

-Put in #1 - Hole in the Wall - This skips the grade IV section(The Wall). From the gravel/pavement junction drive ~6.5km, look for a small green steel box and a path leading off to your right. This will take you to “Hole in the Wall” and skip the harder upstream section

-Put in #2 - 3 Fingers & the Wall - Continue for 1 km past the “Hole in the Wall” path to the 7.5km mark. Look for a yellow gate that bars entry to a gravel road leading off and down to the right. Avoid blocking the gate (rafter access) and park here. Walk in from this point ~ 5 minutes to the river. At the bottom of the gravel road, walk just past the raft rollers and look for the trail left of the rollers down to the river. This puts you on the river just below the 3 fingers. Or you can take the trail upstream to the “Kettle put-in”

-Put in #3 - Kettle Put-In - Continue 100m or so past the rafting gate until you reach a widening in the road. Park on the east side. Walk about 50m further upstream to the marked trail that goes directly to the Kettle. At the T, turn left for the kettle put-in or right to go to the rafter's put-in below the 3 fingers. There may be native fishers netting salmon at the exit of the kettle rapid. NB: This put-in can be intimidating at higher levels (e.g. when Pink Mountain is “in”, and above.)


Big warm water play run.

Length & Time

7km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Rain, snow-melt and possibly some glacier melt as well. Buffered by Clearwater Lake so it lasts all summer. Note that there are two different guages. Interior Whitewater uses the informal guage on the river-centre bridge abuttement while the online guage by envirnment Canada is different. (See Other Resources for contact info.)

Note: Pink Mountain is in from 3.0 to 3.75 on the informal guage. The following correlation with the electronic guage was provided by Curt:

Net	Bridge	Pink Mountain
2.67	-0.5	
2.92	0.25	
2.93	0.4	
3.12	0.75	
3.3	1.5	
3.4	2	
3.42	2.25	Trashy!
3.58	2.75	Trashy but ridable
3.66	3	Big foampile
3.8	3.5	Some foampile
3.9	4	Green Wave
4.04	4.25	



Other Resources

Note: Interior Whitewater can be reached by phone at +1-250-674-372; don't use their 1-800 number when calling about river levels!

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