Chilliwack River (BC) - Canyon IV

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Run Information


From Hwy 1 at Chilliwack travel South on Vedder Road for 5.5Km until you reach the Chilliwack river at a bridge and 3-way stop. Turn left onto Chilliwack Lake Road and follow the river right bank for 19.9Km until you reach Borden Creek Forestry Service Road/Slesse Creek which is just downstream of the Fish Hatchery. This is the Take Out for the Canyon and also serves as the Put in for the Slesse to Tamihi section.

Put In

From the Take Out continue East on Chilliwack Lake Road for 6.7Km until the road crosses the Chilliwack river once again, cross the bridge and park unobtrusively on the river right side at the intersection of the Chilliwack Lake Road and the Foley Creek Forestry Service Road.


Somewhat continuous canyon run.

Length & Time

10km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Runs year round if there is rain.

Low: 30cms High: 70cms



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