Cascade River (AB) III

Perfect Class 3 River, loved by many Bow Valley paddlers. 1.25 Hour hike on a gravel road frequented by many Grizzly Bears requires a bit of dedication to get this river done. The Cascade starts off easy with lots of good eddy's to warm up on. Soon things pick up as the river winds down the valley producing good wave trains and fun holes to boof. Wood seems to always be an issue so keep your head up as the situation is always changing. There is nothing too committing that can't be easily scouted on the Cascade. There is a Class 3/4 corner called Hydrator that can be portaged if you don't feel up to it. Hydrator is where the river makes a right then hard left turn up against the canyon wall. This is the start of the 3+/4 depending on river level Canyon section. Make sure you have a solid roll before entering this section! Before doing this section it is always wise to scout the Canyon for wood along a good trail that goes all the way back to Lake Minnewanka if you had to walk, wood situation permitting. The Canyon then makes a hard left turn into a calm almost pool where it is a good chance to regroup before the last Canyon section straight down to Lake Minnewanka. Then it is a straight shot down with some really fun 3+ rapids and waves to Lake Minnewanka.

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Run Information


Lake Minnewanka parking lot

Put In

The put in is located up the Cascade River Fire Road. You can park for this just a bit before Lake Minnewanka. You will then hike up this road for about 5km. The hiking is pretty easy and it gently uphill. The fire road will cross the Cascade River at a bridge and this is where you put in.


Perfect Class 3 River. Great introduction to creek boating

Length & Time

5km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Flows June to August depending on the winter snowpack and rain. At the Bridge there is an old disconnected flow gauge with a pipe pointing out into the river. Anything above the pipe is a good level.


No Gauge. Generally the same as the level of the Pipestone


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