Cameron River (BC-VanIsland) IV

Tight, steep lines in a narrow canyon. At least a dozen named drops separated by small pools (at low levels) or short class II sections. Lots of small-medium boofs and a few limbo moves. No true waterfalls.

Major drops:

  • <please add as I cannot remember them all>
  • The “Waterfall”
  • Final Exam IV

The takeout is a steep 100m climb throught the forest.

See the excellent descrption complete with photos of a low water run at

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The symbols can be clicked on and provide some simple explanations of why they are there. You can also use the symbols to get directions from Google Maps to the put in/takeout. A handy thing!

Run Information


Drive west from Courtenay on the highway to Port Alberni and Tofino. A few km past Cathedral Grove, there is a large pullout on the left side of the highway. There is a guage located on the far side of the river. About 10km later, watch for a forestry road that heads off straight into the bush headed slightly uphill. (If the road has two entrances, go one road further.)

On the forestry road, continue until the road goes downhill and loops back to the right at a junction. Go straight ahead on the smaller road. After a few km's you will get to a small log landing on the left with a much larger landing on the right accessed by a steep ramp parallel to the road.

Leave a car here. If you are new to the run, hike down to the river and mark the takeout. The path leaves the smaller landing on the left at about 11 o'clock headed across the cut-block. After 50m it enters the forest proper and zig-zags down to the river. Warning: It is quite steep; there are at least 2 fixed ropes to help you on the climb up.

Put In

Continue upstream until the road crosses the river at a low bridge. Just before the bridge a dirt road / double-track heads downstream. About 50m from the road, a trail leads down to the river (maybe 30-50m away.)

While the run is roadside, the canyon walls are fairly steep and it may be hard to hike out. Make sure you have at least 1 and idealy 2 split paddles in your boats.


Tight, steep creek in a narrow canyon.

Length & Time

6km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Winter, snow melt or rainy periods.


Visual gauge, see Liquid Lore link for details.


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