Bridge River (BC) IV

An excellent, 26km pool drop boulder garden run. Most of it is class 2/3 boulder gardens with 5 or 6 rapids of grade 3+/4- thrown in to the mix. All rapids are easily scouted, but a few would be very difficult to portage.

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Run Information


From Lillooet, Drive North on the West side of the Fraser for about 5-10 minutes. The road will cross the Bridge river just upstream of it's confluence with the Fraser. Drop your shuttle vehicle at the Bridge river right.

Put In

Continue on the road up the Bridge river for about 45 minutes until you cross the Yalakom river. Put in on the Yalakom, which confluences with the Bridge river about 100m downstream. Watch for wood right off the start.


Pool drop creeking

Length & Time

26km, Full_Day



Flow Information

When: Spring/Summer, Snowmelt.

No gauge, use your judgement. Because of the dam diversion, most of the rivers volume comes from the Yalakom.


No Gauge


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