Brazeau River <Alberta, Class3/4>

Will work on this as I have time. This was a 6 day heli support trip that turned into 8, when we lost a 16ft something.

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Run Information


Take Out is At the Brazeau River Rec Site on Hwy 40

Put In

This is subjective, some kayakers have hiked over the mountain to paddle where, we flew. So really, our put in was the heli pad.


Majestic, with everything you want on a backyard multi day

Length & Time

80km, Multi_Day



Flow Information

We went late August, there was flow, I forget the amount as it was 2008. Sometimes you just have to go and work with what you got.


There is one but it will come in days later


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  • This may be the best location when complete

River Alerts

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