Bow River (AB) - Below Seebe Dam III - IV

This section contains the bow river above Morley dam as well as the Horseshoe canyon

The first rapid below the spill way is a hole/wave that can be scouted from the put in. The next rapid is a set of ledges with a tongue running left to right. At high flows ( all the spill ways are open) this rapid becomes a IV+/V- become of the extremely retentive nature of the holes and the very small line. After the second rapid you have 3km of flat water to paddle before Morley dam which can be portaged on river right (NOTE: You are now on transalta property) . From there you can either put in at the dam station and run the double ledge which is generally right far left or put in at the rafting put in after the dam station. From there you have about short paddle with a fun surf wave with eddy service on river left. the river then bends sharply right and canyons off. This is the canyon rapid (IV) it can be scouted on the left and is generally run right of center but there is also a sneak line on the far right hugging the short. The line is fairly obvious if you intend on hitting the green tongue right of center. After the rapid there is some very good cliff jumping on river left. The next rapid is the ledges section generally run on the far left, as the right and center lines are very sticky. The final rapid is figure 8 in which you can punch/surf rats nest hole on river left or run the clean line on the right. From there you float to the take out which is on morley land and you need to CONTACT THE RESERVE FOR A PERMIT!

Possible to link up with this run after running the Lower Kananaskis by portaging the dam.

Kananaskis to Cochrane could take more than one day.

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The symbols can be clicked on and provide some simple explanations of why they are there. You can also use the symbols to get directions from Google Maps to the put in/takeout. A handy thing!

Run Information

==== Takeout ==== NOTE: THIS TAKE OUT IS ON NATIVE LAND AND YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE TOWN FOR MORLEY FOR A PERMIT!!! take the 1A east from the seebee put in until you hit the remains of an old gas station on the right. hang a right onto the dirt road, take your next right until you see the old sign for the river rec area which is covered in graffiti. The gate is locked but the key is in the gate. If for what ever reason the key is not in the gate you can get creative if you drive a bit down the road and take the dirt hill. From there follow the dirt road that is most used and is covered with gravel. When parking especially one weekends be courtesy of raft companies that run this section as they like to be as close to river as possible because their rafts weight more than our kayaks/canoes and they are the reason we are still allowed to run this section.

Another option is to paddle out of Morley just past the town of Morley but this is a LONG DAY!

Put In

Follow the gravel roads on the north side of the dam until you come to a dead end. From here scramble down the hill to the river. Put in as wherever you want.


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