Athabasca River (AB) - Mile 5 II

A large volume class II run. Starting at the Mile five bridge everything is nice and mellow until arriving at the rapids at Becker's Chalet where things pick up into a class II wave train through the s-bend. Just past the s-bend on the left side of the river is Becker's hole which is a fun play spot at certain flows.

After Becker's rapid are a few more rapids involving big wave trains and small holes here or there until the Alpine Village take out. From Alpine Village to Old Fort Point is quite mellow.

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Run Information


The takeout is at Old Fort Point ~5Km from town. From Jasper head south at the in town traffic lights, aka Hazel Ave or Hwy 93A. Cross Hwy 16 and turn left at Old Fort point turn off. The take out is in the large eddy past the bridge.

Alternate takeout 1: Alpine Village. Instead of turning at the Old Fort Point turnoff continue south on Hwy 93A until you reach the Alpine Village Bungalows just before the junction with Hwy 93. Park at the pull out on the south side of the hwy.

Put In

From the take out cross the bridge and follow the road for ~1km to the junction with highway 93A, turn left(South) and follow for several more km to the junction with Highway 93. Turn left(South) and continue for several km to the park gate. From the park gate continue South for ~1km. At the end of a large left turn you will see a gravel entry on the left(East) side of the highway located ~50m before the aforementioned bridge. Park here but please keep in mind that this parking lot is used by many raft companies so leave them enough room to pull a youey with a school bus.

Park and Play Put In: For Becker's hole go South from Jasper on Hwy 93 for several km to Becker's Chalets(if you reach the park gate you've gone too far. Park on the gravel patch on the east side of the hwy just past the entry to the Chalets. From the parking patch there is a nice gravel seal launch into the river. Paddle the S-Bend to Becker's Hole which is just out of sight around the corner from where you've parked, then hike back to your ride.


Big volume, easy beginners run with access to Jasper's only real park and play hole.

Length & Time

8km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Runs April to October, glacier fed, assess flow from Becker's Chalet on Hwy 16 or check the online gauge.

Low: <90cms. Rocks exposed midstream at Becker's S bend.

Med: 90-110cms. No midstream rocks. Becker's hole is in this typically happens for a few days in the spring and a week or two in the fall.

High: >110cms. The island across from Becker's is an island, rather than a peninsula.



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