Astoria River (AB) - Lower Section IV

A very continuous low volume river running through gravel beds, boulder gardens, and a short canyon section, eventually meeting the Athabasca river before arriving at the take out.

Eddies tend to be small, poorly defined, and sometimes tricky. Channels change frequently with floods and changes in flow. New log jams are common as the river erodes several forested banks along its way.

Nearly everything on the lower Astoria is boat scoutable so long as you can catch the eddies you need and you don't try to fit too many boats into them. Looking downstream from the bridge at the put-in will give you a good idea of the overall character of the run.

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The symbols can be clicked on and provide some simple explanations of why they are there. You can also use the symbols to get directions from Google Maps to the put in/takeout. A handy thing!

Run Information


The takeout is the parking lot found just before the “Mile 5” bridge(aptly named for its location 5 miles from town). From Jasper drive South on Hwy 93 for ~5 minutes to the park gate, from the park gate continue South for ~1km. At the end of a large left turn you will see a gravel entry on the left(East) side of the highway located ~50m before the aforementioned bridge. Park here but please keep in mind that this parking lot is used by many raft companies so leave them enough room to pull a youey with a school bus.

Put In

From the take out head back towards Jasper(North) on Hwy 93. Take your first left(West) onto Hwy 93A. Follow 93A for ~5km to the Astoria River bridge. Park at the pull-out right before the bridge, or immediately after it. Hike upstream on either side of the river along the poorly defined trails you will find there. Put in wherever you see fit.


Continuous shallow creek with few eddies and many braided channels near the end.

Length & Time

1 hour with no stops or scouting. Plan on 2-3.


Average: 37m/km (3.7%)

Max: 30m in .7km (4.3%)

Flow Information

River volume is dependent on snow melt. Flow is assessed at the put-in based on the rapid immediately upstream of the bridge.

High flow: The left side of the rapid has a clean line.
Medium flow: The left side of the rapid is doable but not clean.
Low: the left side of the of the rapid is not runnable.


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