Elbow River - Flood debris in the notch

This is now cleared.
Just a heads up that there is still a piece of a concrete picnic table on the river left side of the notch towards the end of the rapid. The notch is the 2nd major rapid on the Elbow Falls run. At higher water it is possible this would be covered up. When I paddled it last year after the flood at about 10-12cms it was easily visible. I believe people have paddled it with the picnic table there but it does increase the risk and should impact your own personal decision making around this already challenging rapid. Hopefully this will be removed in the near future but for know be aware that it is there. Not something you would want to hit a head against.

UPDATED INFORMATION: 25/07/2016, On July 25, 2016. There is a picnic table between the notch and the rock island. Right after the Notch when going around the rock island on the left side before you get to the diagonal tree in the water. It was 12cms when I was there. I think it is the same table that was pulled out in 2014.

UPDATED INFORMATION: 02/05/2014, This has now been removed!

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