Athabasca River - Construction Camp at normal 12 mile bridge take out

A group of Edson paddlers did the run from Old Fort Point to the 12 Mile Bridge on Sunday, April 2, 2016.

There is a construction camp set up in the usual pull out place on the Jasper side of the bridge. They will be repairing and refurbishing the bridges (there are actually two bridges here), first one lane and then the other for the next 7 months. During that time, it seems that that access point will no longer be available. We pulled out on the right bank of the river just downstream from the river-right bridge. The landing and take-out here were OK but it meant that we had to cross the highway to get to the parking lot on the Hinton side of the bridge. This was not that easy and felt quite dangerous. If you are going to paddle this reach, you should scout out possible take-out spots nearby or possibly consider taking out at the Snaring River.

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