How To Add Video and Images


  1. Super easy. Find your video on Youtube. Look in your address bar you should see something like this ''. Those random letters and numbers at the end are all we need. In this case it is 'yF3l8EPBClc'. This is the Youtube ID. Copy this.
  2. This is the code you will need to use:

    Replace everything after the '>' with the Youtube ID. Giving us in this case

  3. Which gives us:

It is possible to add video from other sites using the same idea. For Vimeo the code is:


For a list of supported sites goto:


  1. In the toolbar above your text when is a button that says 'Add Images and other files'. It looks like this: . Click this.
  2. You are now in the Media Manager (more info here). Select a picture you want to upload keeping file size in mind. The file will upload. Click on the thumbnail and it will give you some options to insert the picture choosing its size, location and link. You will end up with something that looks like this
    {{:help:cochranemap.png?direct|Name of Picture}}

    If your picture is properly sized then you are all done!

  3. If you need to resize this picture because it is very large this is easy to do by adding '?widthxheight' at the end. For this picture lets try '?300×200'. So our code looks like this:
    {{:help:cochranemap.png?300x200|Name of Picture}}
  4. All done! Clicking on the picture will bring it up full size, which looks a bit weird right now but not a big deal. The final result is this:

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