Google Map Instructions

Sorry! Google has updated their maps and I haven't updated these instructions. I am leaving the old instructions here in case they are helpful. Update coming soon…

Adding a great Google Map is easier than you think! It requires you to have some basic knowledge of the area and a Google Account (gmail works).

  1. On the left hand side of the screen beside 'Directions' is a link to 'My Maps'. Click this, click 'Get Started' and login (you will need a Google account, Gmail works).
  2. You will now need to give your map a title and a description. I will use 'ABC Test Map'. Select 'Unlisted' for privacy and sharing settings.
  3. You can now use Google Map tools in the top right corner to add paths and markers. There are a variety of markers available. I have tried to standardize the ones I use for parking, rapids, camping, gas, and routes. When inputing a line or a marker you change the options and style by clicking on the symbol/line in the popup box that comes up on the map. Please use yellow for the water route and red for any other routes such as portages or trails. There is alot of documentation on Google Maps. Experiment a bit.
  4. Once your map is done we need to get it into the wiki and your river page. In the top right corner is a 'Link' button. Click this and copy the text required for an email or IM. You will copy something that looks like this:
  5. Now go back to your entry in the river guide and goto the maps section. Copy and paste this link here. Giving you this:
  6. That is it all done! In the future administrators may take your map and incorporate it into the Google Earth file and change the settings so it is immediately visible in PaddlingABC rather than just a link.

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