As this wiki gets more complex I thought I would write a small blurb about the different river location categories. Each of the categories is pretty broad and they may overlap a little bit so use your best judgement. Some of them were originally intended to be linked up with Stuart Smiths guidebooks.

  • Southern Rockies: Generally any area south of Calgary/Bow Valley. West all the way to Fernie area, Southern Kootenays. Northern border is the Red Deer River.
  • Central Rockies: The area that runs from Calgary/Banff north towards Jasper/Edmonton including the Red Deer River and North Saskatchewan River.
  • Northern Rockies: North of Edmonton. This area is rather large but is paddled more infrequently. West through HWY 16 towards Prince George.
  • BC Interior South: Kelowna, Kamloops, Okanagan Valley, etc
  • BC Interior North: Prince George area and north.
  • BC South Coast: Vancouver, Whistler, and areas along the coast nearby more or less
  • BC North Coast: Terrace, Prince Rupert, Etc. Basically anywhere along the coast off HWY 16 and north.
  • Vancouver Island: Pretty self explanatory. Anywhere on the Island.
  • Other Locations: Anywhere else that was missed or not included. Like the Slave River in the NWT.

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