What can I do to help?

Paddle rivers and take 10 minutes to add them to the database or ensure that current entries are accurate and up to date. Add river alerts and update old alerts.

How Do I Add A River?

How Do I Add A River Alert?

Why Can I Only Post River Alerts For Certain Rivers?

Right now the website is setup to include only river alerts for rivers in the database. I realize this is limiting however there are some good reasons for this. With this system the river alerts are tied to both the front page of the website as well as the individual entries in the river guide. This means that users should always have access to relative alerts while also seeing new warnings on the front page. As the database grows this problem should become a thing of the past.

Why Can't I Edit Some Pages?

This wiki is setup to allow basic users to only edit RiverWiki entries. The reason for this is to keep some of the content here static and unchanging such as the help files. There are various managers who are taking care the areas you can't edit yourself. I know this could suck but it is very important to us that this site remain clean, simple and uncluttered. Think more like an online guide book than a disorganized website.

What has changed in the new version of the site.

What you are looking at is the 3rd real version of PaddlingABC but in practice more like its 5th version. Over time the website has evolved and grown considerably. In this version there have been a number of important changes, most of them are invisible to you. The vision in this version was to stabilize the site and provide a longterm framework that would be self-sustaining. I am hoping to begin including more rivers from BC and needed to revamp the structure to support 200+ entries that could eventually be here. In addition to this I have been working on this project now for 5 years and the amount of time I have for it is less than before. If you used a previous version of the site you will notice that there has been a big change in the site's appearance. The information has remained largely untouched. Perhaps the biggest changes that you will notice are the following:

  • …adding more info here soon

River Alerts

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