Editing River Entries

Editing river entries is very very simple. You need to be logged in to edit a river entry and once logged in you will notice an “Edit Page” button appears in your sidebar which you can click. A few quick guidelines should keep everyone happy:

  • Leave the page structure intact. This means that every river page will look identical making it easy for users to find information.
  • Fix any spelling/grammar errors at your leisure.
  • When making major edits to a river entry keep in mind that someone else may have put hard work into making that entry. Please keep your additions objective, well written, and concise. Some things like distance and gradient should never change once entered correctly. A river description on the other hand might benefit from additions such as where a portage trail is or clearer descriptions of major rapids.
  • We do not need multiple videos or more than 3 pictures or a river. If you have a better picture or a better video please feel free to replace them but the 'Media' section should not become bloated with 3 videos and 14 pictures of your face.
  • Use river right/river left when talking about rivers

River Alerts

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