Adding a River or Lake to the RiverWiki

Follow these instructions to successfully add a river or lake to the RiverWiki. While many features of this site work well on mobile I would suggest either using a tablet or a computer to do this. You need to have an account in order for this part of the site to function.

  1. In the menu bar navigate to “Add+” → “RiverWiki Entry”
  2. You will be presented with a form to fill out adding in all of the pertinent information you know. If you aren't sure or make a mistake don't worry you will be able to easily edit the entry after it is created. Once you have entered everything you know press the “Submit” button and the page will be automatically created for you.
  3. The new RiverWiki entry needs a few quick fixes to look alright.
    1. The first thing you will notice is text in the title of the page stating ”<Insert province and class if applicable>”. All entries should follow the same format with the only variation being that flatwater sections, i.e. lakes or ponds would not have a class in the title. The format is as follows River Name (Prov) - Section Name Class. For example Bow River (AB) - Canmore to Highway Bridge I.
    2. Add any links to YouTube or other multimedia that might be appropriate. You can upload you own images here as well if you would like.
    3. If you have created a map for entry online using Google Maps and can link to it that is a big help for us as we can easily take you work and incorporate it into the big file we have with all the runs on it.
    4. Read over the entry and fix any typos you see

That is it you are done, the entry will automatically be added to the database and viewable immediately on the RiverWiki page! Thank-you for contributing to the RiverWiki!

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