On Hiatus

February 08, 2015
Eric Howey

I am officially pausing this side project. I wish I had more time for it but I have to admit that my priorities have shifted and the motivation to maintain and develop this site has waned. As I write this on a quiet Sunday morning there is a baby sleeping on my chest that is now the focus of the energy I had previously dedicated to PaddlingABC.

I will continue to pay for web hosting and ensure that the content on the website is safeguarded. There are over 100 entries in the guide and it is valuable information for new and old paddlers alike. The wiki functionality will ensure that entries can be maintained and updated without direct involvement from me. I hope I can find some time to do basic maintenance and upkeep on the site for the 2015 season.

If anyone is interested in taking on PaddlingABC and continuing to work on it please get in touch with me. This site is a community endeavour and it is my intention that it should remain that way.

Thank you to everyone that has helped get PaddlingABC to the place it is today. I hope to see you on the river (likely more gentle family paddles for me and fewer waterfalls this summer…)


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